Custom Elevator Packages that are Truly Built-to-Spec (BTS)
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Quotes are generated on a daily basis. The fastest way to get started is to submit to us a sales takeoff sheet.

We have an in-house estimating system that enables us to use the clear and complete information you submit through our sales takeoff sheet to generate your quote within 30-45 minutes.

Layouts are generated within 2-3 weeks after construction drawings or concrete dimension information is received.

Lead time for shop drawings depends on the rise and the openings as well as the complexity of the project. For example, for a 15 stop/simplex, we will deliver engineered layouts and shops at the same time, while for a 20 stop/ duplex we could deliver layouts first, followed by group 2 entrance, cab and fixture shop drawings.

Yes. There are several options* for partial packages:

Option 1: Over-the-machine cabled, with a full-weight frame and roller guides; waiting on a controller. We will provide the engineering portion of the elevator and the Group1 mechanical (no controller).

Option 2: Partial Group 1 over-machine-cabled, to include plus entrances.

Option 3: Partial Group 1 over-machine-cabled, to include plus Cab

Option 4: Partial Group 1 over-machine-cabled, to include plus door package

*all of these partials allow you to engineer your own controller and fixtures; we provide all the mechanical aspects

Our Sales proposals are two to three pages long. Your proposal will provide a detailed explanation of elevator specifications and document all product items offered, including machines, entrances, fixtures, and cab finishes, to eliminate any question as to what is included in the package.

Our system will generate a Contract Terms Agreement for execution. This agreement can be generated within one hour of sales proposal approval. It will be forwarded to you for signing and deposit submission. Once we receive your deposit, your order will progress to the engineering department.

The turnaround time for revision and resubmission depends on the complexity of the changes requested. Typically, a request for five or six changes on a single drawing is more complex than one or two changes. If there are no major changes, such as shaftway size, number of landings, etc., or anything out of the ordinary on the Group 2 shop drawings, you can expect the revised drawings to be returned to you within four to five working days. For very minor adjustments, the revised drawings will be returned within one or two days.

Only the following items are not included in your elevator package: door lock fire wire, motor room pipe and wire to machine, and governor, hoistway pipe, as well as greenfield and boxes (in another words, we provide the hoistway duct and car-top pre-cut duct-hatch harnesses and travelers).

Engineering and Project Managers

There is a project manager assigned to each elevator project. Your project manager’s primary role is to work with you to obtain information and data required for our engineers to produce layouts and shop drawings. Your project manager’s goal is to manage project logistics and to keep you updated about delivery options as they become available.

Your project manager will be assigned to your elevator project immediately after your sales contract is completed. Your project manager will contact you for information for our engineers.

A substantial cost savings can be realized, both in sales time and project management hours, by using BTS. Having your own team gather and review estimates would cost you between $800 and $1200, and paying your own project manager for the 60 to 90 hours that the purchasing process requires would cost between $3600 and $5400 more. We estimate your total purchasing-process savings to be between $4,400 and $6,600.


Once your elevator package reaches the port we have two to three days to move it out. Therefore, as soon as we’re notified that the package has arrived at the port, we will notify you that the product is becoming available, and then we will contact our trucking company to obtain at least two delivery options that we will present to you. Once you have selected a delivery option, we will confirm it with the delivery company.

We will ship a single elevator in one 20-0 ft. sealed container. A duplex will require a 40-0 ft. container, etc.

Equipment is crated in the order it is to be used during the installation process. For example, rail brackets will be in crate 1, whereas the cab will be located in one of the last crates.

We suggest that you use an all-terrain forklift, typically referred to as a “LULL,” to ensure the crates can be moved into the property. These devices can be rented by the day.

Smaller jobs (8-10-17 stops) are all fabricated and shipped together as a complete package, so we need to have the layouts approved before releasing the products into fabrication. On larger jobs (over 25 stops, duplexes, triplexes, etc.), once layouts are approved the Group1 products can go into fabrication even if the shop drawings for finishes/Group 2 may not have received final approval yet.

There are partial shipments on the larger multi-car projects. For example, on an order for five elevators having 15 stops each, all of the rails brackets, CWT frames, fillers, machines—everything except controllers and Group 2 products—can be fabricated, ship and be delivered to the jobsite in advance of the Group 2 packages. We refer to this as a split shipment. The second shipment, containing the remainder of the elevator package, will arrive a few weeks after the phase 1 package has been delivered.

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