Elevator Entrances

Easy to Install Standard & Custom Elevator Entrance Systems

BTS Elevator Packages manufactures a full line of standard and custom U.L.-rated hoistway elevator entrances. Our unique standard entrance systems are easy to install, providing you with savings on labor cost. Our base package entrance includes baked enamel painted whatever color you choose. Color choice is unlimited, and we can match any color you request. Base package entrance is of bolted construction and has square-profile jambs, no sill angle or haunch required, and includes hardware, fascia and installation instructions. Custom elevator entrance options include mitering, welding, etching, oxidized finish and castings in an unlimited choice of designs and finishes. Entrance headers, sills, and hatch/car doors are engineered and pre-drilled to accept GAL door equipment.

BTS Elevator Packages: Elevator Entrance Types

We can provide you with single-slide, center-opening, two-speed, or custom two-speed center-opening and three-speed elevator doors to meet your requirements. All doors meet ANSI code requirements and are 1.5-hour "B" fire-resistance labeled and filled with fireproof sound-deadening materials.

Several Examples of the Many Entrance System Styles Available from BTS

Elevator Entrance Single Speed Paint

Single Speed Paint

Elevator Entrance Hairline Finish

C. O. Hairline Finish

Elevator Entrance Two Speed Glossy

Two Speed Glossy

Elevator Entrance C.O.  Etched with Transom

C.O. Etched with Transom

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