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State-of-the-Art, User-Friendly, Non-Proprietary Elevator Controllers

Today’s controllers, with plug-and-play technology, are smart and accurate. BTS Elevator Packages has chosen Elevator Controls as our packaged controller of choice because they have been unwavering in their commitment to us, and we have had great success with their pixel technology, plug-and-play circuitry, and their handling and shipping of car- and hall-station boards. Also, Elevator Controls’ equipment is very user-friendly for your installer, with hoistway and traveling cables that are clearly marked for plug connections from the controller to every functional piece of equipment.

Field-Tested Wiring Concepts Make BTS Elevators Easy to Install

Through extensive field testing, we’ve helped perfect the smart, plug-and-play, board-to-board wiring concepts that are built into each of our elevator packages. Hoistway harnesses included wires and plugs to the final limit, slow-downs, door locks (2 wires stripped in-duct and ready to accept firewire), and various plugs to the pit equipment buffers, stop switch, limits, comp switch and governor weight tension switch. Call buttons and signal operation in the hall stations are connected to a T-splitter at each floor by one pre-measured cat 5 communication cable that is dropped down the elevator shaft. Individual plugs connect to smart boards for functions such as access, fire service, up and down call and position indicators. The car station terminal end of the traveling cable is stripped and has labeled electrical fork connectors that note exactly which car station terminal to wire. The controller end is equipped with a simple plug. Individual jumps are provided to reach all the car-top connections, such as door operator, door limits, selector box, inspection, plank switch and stop switch. The wiring harness from the elevator motor room plugs directly into fixture call boards, car station boards and diagnostic boards on the elevator car top. Elevator controls for AC traction and MRL elevators are all solid-state power in a closed loop system using AC motors. Precise speed regulation is better than +/- 1% and is provided using quadrature encoder feedback and closed-loop drive design. PM synchronous motor control is available for gearless and MRL applications, with a variety of encoder interface options, including EnDat and Hyperface.

BTS Elevator Packages: Controller Types

All BTS elevator packages include controllers manufactured in California by Elevator Controls and the smart plug-and-play, board-to-board wiring concepts described above. However, if you opt to use your favorite controller in your BTS elevator package (such as Smart Rise, MCE, Claddagh, VMI, or Virginia Control), we’ll provide the same package minus the controls, fixtures and wiring.

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