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A Full Line of Plug-and-Play Elevator Fixtures!

BTS's full line of elevator fixtures includes standard hall button designs with multiple finishes that will make your selection of car and hall station fixtures easy and uncomplicated. All of our car and hall fixtures include a plug-and-play wiring harness, so no additional wires are required for signal communication. All fixtures incorporate boards provided by the elevator controller manufacturing company to ensure smart-logic plug and play technology. If requested, we can provide lobby panels and special operating panels to meet the building specifications. The elevator fixtures are an integral part of elevator package.

BTS Elevator Packages: Elevator Fixture Types

We incorporate our standard swing car station in every elevator cab design, and it's included in our base pricing! We can do this because all of our elevator cab platforms are built with a stainless four-inch-tall base, including the front returns, so the car station swing is automatically elevated off the floor.

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