The Overhead Gearless Traction Elevator Package Engineered to Save Money, Time and Hassle
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Built to Spec's Overhead Gearless Traction Elevators

BTS's Overhead Gearless Traction Elevators: Fast and Energy-Efficient

We design our Overhead Gearless traction elevator packages for low- to mid-rise buildings with up to 700 feet of rise that have rooftop space for a motor room and require increased elevator travel speeds. Our OH Gearless systems can deliver passengers to their destinations more quickly than MRL and OH Geared systems, and allow greater control over speed settings. BTS's OH Gearless traction elevator systems range in speed from 200-1,000 FPM and have capacities of 1,800-4,500 lbs. OH Gearless traction elevators are very economical because they require less power than traditional geared traction equipment.

Benefits of BTS's Overhead Gearless Traction Elevator Packages

  • Moves Quickly: Faster than traditional Hydro and Geared traction elevators; typically speeds over 500 FPM.
  • Energy-Efficient: Less costly to run than a geared traction system.
  • Complete: Like all of BTS's elevator systems, our Overhead Gearless traction elevator packages are all-inclusive, ready-to-install elevator-in-a-box systems built to your specifications—we handle all of the related project management and logistics, freeing up your time for other essential building project tasks.

The 5-Step BTS Elevator Manufacturing and Delivery Process

The Turnkey Overhead Gearless Traction Elevator Solution that Saves Time & Money

Years of experience in the elevator manufacturing industry have taught us the importance of helping elevator contractors save time and money. That's why we've streamlined the process of obtaining an elevator system by providing you with project management and elevator manufacturing in a single-source, turnkey elevator package:

  1. Specifications Review: We understand the importance of interaction with our customers in allowing us to provide outstanding customer service, from timely estimates through the delivery of an elevator package engineered to your building's specifications. As such, your BTS project manager will consult with your project architect, developer or consultant to obtain site architecturals and other supporting documentation that will allow our engineering department to understand thoroughly the elevator requirements of your property. Information supplied to us should include details such as the number of stops required, capacity, travel distance, shaft dimensions, handicap requirements, signal fixtures, entrance wall depths, and your preference of cab design finishes.
  2. Proposal Submission and Approval: We'll prepare a detailed elevator package proposal including pricing for all included equipment and services and present it to the contractor, allowing you to formulate your final bid for the project by simply adding your labor costs. The elevator contractor will review our proposal, and once approved, sign a simple, one-page contract that will allow us to proceed according to contract terms.
  3. Drawing Submission and Approval: BTS will promptly prepare a complete set of engineered elevator plan layouts and shop drawings, which will include details such as entrances, cabs, and fixtures. We'll assign to you a project manager who will work with you to amend the drawings until the revised and resubmitted schematics meet with your approval. Your project manager will guide you throughout the elevator package selection, ordering, engineering, fabrication and delivery process.
  4. Manufacturing: BTS will promptly begin elevator assembly.
  5. Shipping, Delivery and Support: Your assigned project manager will plan elevator package delivery logistics and contact you within one week of drawing approval to schedule a date on which your thoroughly engineered turnkey elevator package will be delivered to your job site. While most of the elevator controllers used in our elevator packages contain detailed start-up instructions, we understand that there may be times when additional support will be helpful. Our contract offers you technical support on initial elevator start-up as well as support for elevator tune-ups and adjustments. As the elevator manufacturer, BTS will provide you with all the documentation you need about your new elevator package, including a complete set of close-out booklets covering topics such as maintenance procedures, warranties, technical advisories, elevator layouts, and individual-equipment shop drawings.

Choose the Overhead Gearless Traction Elevator Package Designed for Hassle-Free Installation and Servicing

Our Overhead Gearless traction Elevator packages are designed with the installer in mind. You depend on us to deliver your elevator system on time, as ordered, and ready for installation, so we consider ourselves successful only when your elevator system is operating and meets with your satisfaction. To that end, we’ve fine-tuned the logistics of our process to ensure that your elevator system is correctly labeled, carefully packaged and crated, and shipped directly to your job site for timely delivery. We know you want your elevator up and running as quickly as possible, so we make your installer’s job straightforward by including plug-and-play harness wiring as well as predrilled machine beams and mounting provisions in all of our elevator packages. And, we include a built-in kick plate around the perimeter of our elevator car tops to help your installer keep everything handy and secure during installation when parts and debris are often accidentally misplaced. Also, our OH Gearless traction elevator packages include non-proprietary machines, controllers and door equipment, which makes it convenient for you to get vendor service and support long after elevator installation is complete. We’ve earned our reputation as the preferred elevator manufacturer for complete OH Gearless traction elevator systems by ensuring that the entire elevator sourcing process is fast and hassle-free for you!

The OH Gearless Traction Elevator Manufacturer that Saves You Money!

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We want to meet you and learn how we can become your comprehensive, non-proprietary elevator package manufacturing company. To receive a swift materials estimate for the single or multiple elevator devices you need, please email us the following documents: specifications, architectural or structural drawings, and elevator profiles.

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